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World's Largest Dildo

Huge Dildo Movies  (Pay by the Minute)

We always knew sooner or later we would have to do a review on this bad boy, after all we have been receiving a few comments from our customers.  About the only thing we can say about this dildo is "IT IS HUGE!!"  If you are going to buy a big dildo like this please make sure you understand just how big it really is.  Yeah, go ahead and get out the measuring tape, you may be surprised.  On the other hand we have some really positive comments, like the ones below. 

We lubed it and played with it for a long time in my pussy and over my huge round squirting nipples before he tried this in my well fucked ass but this cock still tore me when he shoved it in deep - I was asking for it and it hurt soooo good. We kept working it in until it filled me all the way up. I loved the balls ramming me as this huge vibrator shook me to heaven. It's absolutely great in your ass with a smaller than average cock in your pussy. The vibrator gets you off while you let him get off in you. Now I can't wait to hop on it when he's not around and ride it hard with my clit all the way down on the balls. I can come at least six times in an hour with this great cock. Worth every penny.
Date Submitted: 09/08/2003 by [biggernow]

It was great! I love it!
Date Submitted: 09/15/2003 by [Jacki Handy]

It worked great. I loved the way it felt in my cunt while my girlfriend fucked me with it. Any lesbian couple out there needs to buy this thing.
Date Submitted: 09/16/2003 by [Lindsay]

What great service! I ordered this on Thursday and received it Monday. Well, it is a big one, no doubt, but oh my! Well, well, worth the money. I was able to get about 8 " in and the rest will take time. Buy it, you will like it. My first impression was "Oh my, no way!", but where there is a will, and you know the rest of it
Date Submitted: 09/30/2003 by [anonymous]

I bought this huge vibe over a year ago, loved it still have it but unfortunately it stopped working. I still use it with out the vibe but miss it very much....so I will be getting two this time, one for me and one for my best friend...she needs one too...belated birthday gift.

Date Submitted: 09/25/2005 by [Jill]

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Worlds Largest vibrating Jelly Dong


More Information

Warning: This is Huge - Do not order unless you understand the size!

  • Made of a soft jelly.
  • 14.5 inches from the base to the top
  • 11 inches from the top of the balls to the tip
  • The dong is more oval shape than round, so the diameter ranges from 2.75 inches to 2.25 inches
  • The circumference (distance around) is 8.75 inches at it's widest point and 8 inches just below the head.

The dong comes with 2 vibrating bullets in the base of the cock. The vibrating bullets are about 2 inches above the balls, thus you can feel vibrations at the tip and Powerful vibrations just above the balls. (each battery pack requires 2 AA batteries)

14 inches long 2.5 inches wide 8.5 inches around