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Hot Tub Sex

If you have a hot tub or spa you probably have had sex in it.  Hot tub sex usually comes about because hot tubs have all the right ingredients.  Warmth, bubbles and powerful jets, what more do you need to get you in the mood?  If you don't believe that hot tub sex is popular, check out some personal ads and see how many people put in their ads "what turns me on: hot tub"

Hot Tubs and Foreplay

Hot tubs can be a great form of foreplay even if you don't want to have sex in the hot tub.  One of the best ways to enjoy a hot tub is in the nude assuming that you have the privacy from your neighbor's prying eyes.  Of course this can easily remedied with a gazebo and curtains or even homemade, with 2x4s, clothesline and plastic.  Feet, toes, bubbles and especially the jets can all be used in your foreplay.  Some of the newer hot tubs have major pressure so you may have to turn them down or position yourself farther away.  Oh, and don't forget waterproof vibrators, they work great in a hot tub, trust us.  For the ladies, kneeling in the seat, facing outwards, and letting the jets do their thing, works great.  Most everybody would just think you are admiring the great view of your back yard or what have you. 

Hot Tub Sex and a Few Sex Positions

Hot tub sex isn't for everybody.  Chemicals in the water may irritate skin especially the private parts.  Keeping the hot tub chemicals balanced is essential.  Of course, if you are pregnant it is best to stay out of the hot tub altogether.  Sex positions in the hot tub may depend on how much privacy you have.  If you don't have enough privacy from you neighbors you may want to stay low or use the cover of darkness for your sexual exploits. 

  1. The man sits in a seat facing inwards slouching somewhat and his partner straddles him facing outwards. The woman is very much in control in this position.

  2. The man sits in a seat facing inwards again slouching somewhat.  The partner again straddles him only this time also facing inwards and leaning ahead a little. A sense of balance is needed for the woman with this position. 

  3. Hot tub missionary position.  The woman takes the seat, slouching somewhat, with the man on top.  The woman is able to float somewhat especially with the man holding her up by the butt.  Fabulous position.

  4. Doggy Style.  Hey, you can figure this out, too easy.

Seduction in the Hot Tub

The hot tub can be great place to seduce that person you have had in your sights for a long time.  Go out to your favorite romantic restaurant, have a glass or two of wine, do a little dancing to get him or her warmed up and them head back to house.  Don't forget to stop off and get just a little more wine.  Turn on the tunes and suggest you end the evening with a nice, relaxing soak in the hot tub.  No bathing suit along, darn, you will have go in the hot tub nude or at least in your skivvies.  Grab your glasses of wine and let things go from there.  The only improvement you can make from here is that it is a clear night with the stars out and better yet a full moon. 

Group Sex in the Hot Tub

More than once an innocent little party with two or more couples has turned into an erotic adventure.  Accident touching, foot play, too much booze and bathing suits shed sometimes leads to an adventure you can be a lot of fun and very erotic.  As always keep in mind what kind of problems this could lead to with your spouse.  Of course safe sex should always be kept at the forefront.