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Yes, we agree, stupid title.  We just didn't know how to describe this category of movies.  The movies in this category are shot on locations all over the world. 

You will find everything from porn stars jetting to exotic places to make the movies and amateurs from all over the world who have sent us their tapes.  Why not add a little spice to the set, we too, are bored with the usual porn movie set in someone's bedroom or living room. 

What are some of the places these movies take place at?  Just to name a few:  Las Vegas (of course), Spain, Caribbean, Thailand, Paris, Miami, Portugal and even Hollywood.  So go ahead, take a sex holiday, right from your computer.

A few of our flciks

All The Colours Of Brazil California Beach Sluts Malibu's Most Latin

Caribbean Sunset

Boston BabyDolls 9 Sexxxpo Montreal Vol. 3