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Sappho 68

If you have come seeking out this movie, then more then likely you are a vintage porn buff.  Sappho 68 has never lost its appeal as a soft porn classic.  Filmed in black and white, it showcases the sweet charms of legendary cutie, Uschi Digard.  Sappho was filmed at a time when the sexual revolution was in full swing. 

The story begins with a small town girl, who is a photographer, moves to the big city (San Francisco) where she finds herself caught up in something she knew nothing about, the sexual revolution.  After she finds that her male sexual encounters are something to be desired, she gets involved with one of her female models, where she finds the satisfaction she has been looking for so long. 

If you are looking for hardcore vintage porn movie, this is probably not the movie for you.  Sappho is an hour long, it is soft core and even has somewhat of a plot.  It was filmed in an artsy kind of way and is a little too soft for our tastes, but we do like movies that are out of the ordinary.