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We are trying a different approach to adult movies while still bringing you top quality xxx videos at great prices.  We think it is time to get away from the monthly recurring billing that many websites force their customers into.  You may also find that once you join a website, you may have a hard time canceling your monthly billing. 

Do you really want to join a movie program where you spend $30-50 per month and be locked into their program?  Passion for Pleasure thinks you need a new choice.  Passion for Pleasure is offering you a huge inventory of porn and our inventory is growing at an awesome rate.  We also offer amateur movies that are submitted to us and are not found anywhere else on the internet.  As of August 2005 we carry over 7000  14,000 25,000 sex movies with that number growing every day.  Ok, We have given up keeping count, we are now adding 75 new sex videos a day!!

Here is what we offer:

NO Memberships Over 7000 14000 25000 Adult Movies
NOTHING To Join First-Run and Amateur Movies
NO Recurring Credit Card Billing Top Porn Stars
NO Hidden Charges or Gimmicks Major Adult Movie Studios
NO selling email addresses Pay-Per-Minute Billing
NOTHING To Cancel! Streaming Rentals
NO Surprise Memberships To Other Sites Inexpensive Movie Downloads
NO Hefty Monthly Fees Thousands of Satisfied Repeat Customers

Video on Demand (VOD)

At Passion for Pleasure you have two ways to watch our films.  You can pay by the minute or a 48 hour streaming rental. 

Pay Per Minute:  When you use pay per minute you only pay for the time you spend watching the video.  Our top package offers a rate of only 8 cents per minute.  Our average member spends only about 5 minutes watching clips each time they visit.  Get in, Get off, Get out!

Watching our pay per minute video is easy too.  You either click on the High or the Low of the movie scene you want to watch.   If you have broadband like cable or DSL you click on the high link for great quality video.  If you use a dial up service you will need to click on the low link.  The quality of the low bandwidth version of the clips are lower but allow you to use your dial up service.

48 Hour Streaming Rental:  The 48 hour streaming rental allows you to rent the movie and watch it as many times as you link in the 48 hour period.  To rent an XXX film for 48 hours just click on the 48 Hour Steaming Rental Button.

Passion for Pleasure is offering 10 minutes free to all new members.  To do this though, you will need to verify you age through your credit card but you will not be billed.  With Passion for Pleasure you will never have to worry about those recurring monthly fees as you are only billed for the minutes you use and your unused minutes never expire. 

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